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BRH Media Ltd are post-production specialists. Founded by husband and wife team; Ben and Rebecca help production companies and clients to bring their creative ideas to life. Ben has worked within the industry for over 10 years. Working on projects from commercials to films, broadcast and online videos.

Our Team

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Ben Harker


When Ben isn’t working or playing with his two kids. He can be seen riding his motorbike or heading to the gym (when he finally runs out of excuses). 

Fun fact: Ben once competed in a bodybuilding competition. (You wouldn’t think so looking at him now..) 

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Rebecca Harker


If you need answers fast, Rebecca is the person for you.

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Professional Licker

If you want your lap warmed whilst sitting in on an edit. Smudge is the dog for you. She'll also give you plenty of kisses.

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BRH Media Ltd
32 Tunstall Grove,
Hartlepool, TS26 8NH
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